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If you have a question that you would like answered, please use the form below.  We will endeavor to answer all questions.  The answers will be posted below and, of course, they will all remain anonymous. 

Please note that soem questions might require additional information in order to provide a sufficient answer.  Therefore, it is advisable to include at least an

email address so that we can contact you if additional information is needed.  Please note that personal contact information is NEVER shared or sold.

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                 Question Subject:  Recovery

                   Q: What is it?

                   A:  Thank you for this great question.  However, it would take too much to totally explain it here. 

                        But since we are discussing that topic on the blog, may I suggest that you visit the Your Daily Fix blog for

                        your answer.

                  Question Subject:  Big Book

                Q:  How do I get a Big Book?

                   A:  While here on the website, click on the Literature tab.  There are recommendations on where to purchase a copy of the BB as well as other

                        recovery material.   Additionally, there is a statement that deals with those who desire a BB but can not afford one.  If you are in this

                        category, simply contact us with your name, address, and e-mail address (your information is safe and we do not rent sell or share your

                        information) and we will contact you.


                  Question Subject:  12 Steps

                Q:  Do the 12 steps really help?


                  A:  This is a trick question with a yes and a no answer.  If you accept that you have an alcohol or drug addiction problem

                       and, if you are ready to recover from this problem, then yes working the 12 Steps in a planned program of action will most definitely help

                       not only with the addiction problem, but with the issues that caused you to use in the first place.  Additionally,  if you do not believe that you have an

                       addiction problem but are just curious, we still believe that working a 12 Step Program can benefit anyone.  The real key here is "it works IF you work it".

                  Question Subject:  Other Programs

                 Q:  What about those other programs out there that aren't based on the 12 steps of AA? 


                    A:  Well, first when you say aren't based on the 12 Steps of AA are they utilizing modified 12 steps or are they totally disregarding the 12

                         steps?  As there are several programs out there which do not utilize the 12 steps in any form,  it would not be wise for us to comment on

                         these programs without more specific information.  Please contact us again with detailed  information so that we can provide you with a

                         "sound" answer.  

                  Question Subject:  Drug Abuse

                Q:  What's some advice on helping a child overcome a drug issue?


                  A:  At this time and with the limited information given, this is the best response that I can give.  Your question is a tough one and does require some

                      additional information so that an adequate answer may be given.  1) How old is the child?  2) What is the issue - i.e. abuse, social usage, addiction , etc.

                      3)  If the child is older, is he/she ready to accept help?   Additionally, if this matter needs immediate attention, please contact us via phone or

                      contact another agency for immediate help.  There are several good agencies listed on this website.    


                Question Subject:  Drug Abuse    


                Q:  Recently, I was asked for advice on a family situation that involved drugs and alcohol.  I gave the individual some information to check out but

                     haven't heard back from them.  Should  I contact them or wait for them to contact me?  


                A:  If a period to time has passed and they have not contacted you concerning this issue, then "Yes".  As a concerned family member it is 

                     very important and appropriate to touch base with them.